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CYNTHIA'S IN LOVE Billy Gish (m) Earl White (m) Jack Owen (l) 1942 as rec by Eric Whitley w Harry Roy & his Band also rec by- Tex Beneke & his Orch Chris Dane Denny Vaughan w Carroll Gibbons & his Orch Cynthia, As flighty as a Summer breeze, Her smile is sunlight through the trees, For Cynthia's in love,(scat). Every rose is blushing as she passes by, They see the love light in her eyes, For Cynthia's in love. Every night, When the stars are playing peek-a-boo, You will find her in a rendezvous, Starry eyes, Breathing sighs, (scat). Cynthia, I'm glad your lovely dream came true, For I'm the boy who worships you, My Cynthia's in love. (Contributed by Peter Akers - March 2009)


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