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DADDY'S LITTLE MAN (Davis) O.C. Smith My, my...just look at Daddy's little man. Stand up, let me take a look at you, My, you must have grown about a foot or two Since last weekend. Let's run in and wash your face and hands, I'm gonna take a walk and have a little talk With Daddy's little man. My, my...just look at Daddy's little man. No, I don' want a bite of your mud pie, Looks appetizing, but I think I'm gonna pass it by this time. I got a dime right here in my hand, I wanna buy some ice cream And walk down by the stream With Daddy's little man. Now, you be careful with that ice cream cone Or Momma's gonna tan your hide. Speakin' of Momma, is she all right? Does she go out a lot at night? No, I don't think that bullfrogs bite. Oh, does your momma still see Mr. Jones, You know, the man who took you for a ride? Does she ever look at you and cry? Yes, I see the butterfly. No, it's just something in my eye. Remember that muscle you used to tell me about all the time? Let me see it, show it to me! Yeah! Whoa, my, my...look at Daddy's little man, yes Well, I guess you'd better kiss me bye-bye now, Time just seems to fly somehow When you're havin' fun. I gotta run, I'll call you when I can. Maybe Sunday I can go to the show with Daddy's little man, Daddy's little mn. Whoa, my, my...look at Daddy's little man... (Contributed by Monique - June 2004)


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