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DADDY'S LULLABY Calvin De Voll, Gene Carroll, Glenn Rowell Jayne Walton and Parnell Grina with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra Fond recollections now come back to me, Memories recalled by an old melody; Visions of someone - a sweet angel face; One day she left me, and Dad took her place. Each night he'd put me to sleep with a sigh; He'd sing this quaint lullaby: "Your Daddy's work is through, Your playtime's over, too, And soon you'll close your sleepy eyes. Now say a little prayer for someone way up there. Just listen while you're praying; You will hear her saying 'Mother has watched over you all the day, Kept you from harm while your Daddy's away.' God bless my little man; Now go to sleep for Dad." That was my Daddy's Lullaby. (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars - March 2010)


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