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DANCING BEAR (John Phillips) The Mamas & The Papas I wouldn't want to be a chimney sweep All black from head to foot From climbing in them chimneys And cleaning out that soot. With a broom and ladder and pail, The darkened walls I scale--- And far..and high...I see a patch of sky. I'd rather be the gypsy (I'd rather be the gypsy) Whose camped at the edge of town--- (Camped at the edge of town) The one who has the dancing bear That follows him around. And he lifts his big foot up; He puts his big foot down And bows...and twirls... And dances `round and `round. I found I was a cabin boy last night as I did dream--- Bound upon a magic ship for a land I'd never seen. And the moon she filled our sails; And the stars they steered out course; And on our bow there was a golden horse. The queen eats fruit and candy; the bishop nuts and cheese And when I am a grown man, I'll taste just what I please--- The honey from the bee, the shellfish from the sea, The earth, the wind, a girl, someone to share these things with me. I wouldn't want to be a chimney sweep, etc... (I'd rather be the gypsy, etc...) (I dreamed I was a cabin boy, etc...)


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