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DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT (IT'S CAUGHT ME IN ITS SPOTLIGHT) (Phil Lynott) Thin Lizzy - 1977 When I passed you in the doorway You took me with a glance I should have took that last bus home But I asked you for a dance Now we go steady to the pictures I always get chocolate stains on my pants My father he's going crazy Say's I'm living in a trance But I'm dancing in the moonlight It's caught me in its spotlight It's alright, alright Dancing in the moonlight On the long hot summer night It's three o'clock in the morning And I'm on the streets again I disobeyed another warning I should have been in by ten Now I won't get out until Sunday I'll have to say I stayed with friends But it's a habit worth forming If it means to justify the end (Contributed by Terry - February 2005)


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