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DANGEROUS NAN McGREW From the film "Dangerous Nan McGrew" (1930) (Hartman / Goodhart) Helen Kane - 1930 Hotcha, Chacha, Vo-doe-de-oh, And Boop-oop Poop-oop-a-doop. Tootin', shootin', high-falutin', I make you loop the loop. I'm from the great North West. I'm dif'rent from the rest. Stand up, stand up, throw your hands up, I shoot pants and vest. Oh, I've been a bad girl all my life. I pick my teeth with a carving knife, And I make a widow of a wife. 'Cause I'm dangerous Nan McGrew. Why, I slapped Jack Dempsey in the face And I make barbed wire look like lace And I throw myself right out of place 'Cause I'm dangerous Nan McGrew. And I eat dynamite And I blow up in spite I shoot everything in sight Beware! Boom boom! Take Care! Poo poo! With one breath, I sink a boat And if anybody gets my goat I cut myself a piece of throat 'Cause I'm dangerous Nan McGrew. Why, bullets, they bounce right off my chest And I sleep on a hornet's nest Why, I'm the gal sends show men west 'Cause I'm dangerous Nan McGrew. Why, lions tremble when I frown When that great big Zeppelin came to town, Remember? I'm the one that held it down Because I'm dangerous Nan McGrew. I like destroying pelf I shoot bottles off the shelf I'm so bad I scare myself. Take care! Boom boom! Beware! Poo poo! Why, I pull a train right off the tracks And for perfume, I use shellac When mad dogs bite, I bite 'em back Grrrr! 'Cause I'm dangerous Nan McGrew!


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