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DARK NIGHT As sung by Frank Munn with Nat Shilkret Orchestra 1930 (introductory bridge approximately 1 minute) Do you long for a sunbeam Do you cry for the moon Do you sigh for a rainbow Or the nightingale's tune. Then you'll know if you hear me How I'm longing for you When my heaven is near me Would you make it come true? Dark night, dark night Hides the love in my eyes Dark night, dark night Hides your look of surprise. Dear one, tell me That we never will part Dark night never Hides the love in my heart. (bridge to end) Notes: This work was a foxtrot favourite during the Roaring Twenties. Nat Shilkret, an American from New York City was a notable composer, pianist and conductor as well as a successful business man. During his career, he hosted a number of high profile singers...Henry Burr / Gene Austin / Frank Luther / Frank Munn and a variety of others. Shilkret's orchestra specialized in foxtrots, which were originally developed during the 1910s but through the 20s and 30s became the rage and eventually a standard to this day. Shilkret read this trend correctly and became very successful because of it. Frank Munn, a tenor, was one of radio's first stars in the early 1930s and was arguably the king of radio crooners during this period. His career started by a strange twist of fate. He worked in a turbine engine factory during WW1, hurting his hand badly. He wasn't able to work after that accident so he started singing to support himself. Eventually he began to appear on local radio shows. Between his two weekly programs, it was estimated that he had over 4 million listeners per week. He was often referred to as the 'Golden Voice Of Radio' CD of his work, currently available, makes reference to this moniker. He finished his musical career in the mid 1940s. (Transcribed by David Story May 2014)


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