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DARLING, NOT WITHOUT YOU Abner Silver / Eddie Heyman / Al Sherman as rec by Peg La Centra w Artie Shaw & his Orch 1930's also rec by- Henry "Red" Allen & his Orch '36 Perry Como w Ted Weems & his Orch '36 I'd like to get away from every city street To some romantic spot where sky and water meet; A place that offers something daringly new, But darling, not without you! I want to see the moon that makes the desert bright, I want Niagara in a flood of amber light, The Adda Rombachs with its beautiful view, But darling, not without you! Familiar faces, The same stupid places, Are giving me wanderlust; i want to do things and go everywhere, But you must be there, You must! The Mardi Gras at New Orleans I'm thinking of, Or out in Hollywood among the stars I love; There are so many things I'm dying to do, But darling, not without you! (Contributed by Peter Akers - September 2010)


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