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DAYDREAM (John B. Sebastian) The Lovin' Spoonful - 1966 Bobby Darin - 1966 Jane Morgan - 1966 Rick Nelson - 1969 The Mar-Keys - 1969 Chet Atkins - 1988 Right Said Fred - 1992 Art Garfunkel - 1997 What a day for a daydream What a day for a daydreamin' boy And I'm lost in a daydream Dreamin' 'bout my bundle of joy And even if time ain't really on my side It's one of those days for taking a walk outside I'm blowing the day to take a walk in the sun And fall on my face on somebody's new-mown lawn I've been having a sweet dream I been dreaming since I woke up today It's starring me and my sweet dream 'Cause she's the one makes me feel this way And even if time is passing me by a lot I couldn't care less about the dues you say I got Tomorrow I'll pay the dues for dropping my load A pie in the face for being a sleepy bull toad {Whistle} And you can be sure that if you're feeling right A daydream will last long into the night Tomorrow at breakfast you may prick up your ears Or you may be daydreaming for a thousand years What a day for a daydream Custom made for a daydreaming boy And I'm lost in a daydream Dreaming 'bout my bundle of joy {Whistle}


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