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DAYTIME FRIENDS Kenny Rogers And he'll tell her - He's working late again But she knows to well there's something goin' on. She's been neglected - and she needs a friend So her trembling fingers dial the telephone. And Lord, it hurts her - doin' this again He's the best friend that her husband ever knew. When she's lonely - he's more than just a friend He's the one she loans her body to. Daytime friends and nighttime lovers - Hoping no one else discovers Where they go - What they do - In their secret hideaway Daytime friends and nighttime lovers - They don't want to hurt the others So they love - In the nighttime - And shake hands in the light of day. And when it's over - there's no peace of mind Just a longin' for the way things should have been. And she wonders - Why some men never find That a woman needs a lover and a friend. Daytime friends and nighttime lovers ...


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