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DEAR FRED Don Bowman Don Bowman CHORUS DEAR FRED How You Likin' Folsom Thought You'd Want To Know What's Goin' On Outside DEAR FRED I'm Doin' What You Asked Me Takin' Care Of Your Affairs, Your Money, And Your Wife SPOKEN: DEAR FRED Well, Ole Buddy, The Last Thing You Said To Me 'fore You Left For Prison Was Take Good Care Of Ruthie, and Son I've Been Givin' It My All. So's Ruthie. Listen, She's Really Tried Her Best To Be Faithful To You, Fred. 'Course You Know How She Is After A Couple Drinks. Hey Fred, We Saw You On The Late News The Other Night Son, That Was A Hell Of A Riot You Guys Had Up There Boy, Me And Ruthie Laid Up In That Big Old King Size Bed You'd Bought, Laughed and Cheered For Y'All's Side, Booed Them Prison Guards Every Time They'd Lob That Tear Gas In There At You. Anyway, I'm Takin' Care Of Her, Just Like You Asked Me To Fred. Fact Is I Finally Just Sold My House And Moved In Here With Her So I'd Be Right On Top Of Everything, Hoss. REPEAT CHORUS SPOKEN: Hey Fred, That Public Defender You Had Has Called Four or Five Times Goin' On About New Evidence and The Parole and I don't Know What All, Anyway I Knew You Wouldn't Want all That Crap Brought Up Again So I Finally Just Told Him To Buzz Off And Leave Well Enough Alone. Listen Fred, Ruthie Really Misses You. Hardly A Month Goes By That She Don't Mention Your Name. She Used To Get So Lonesome She'd Call Me Up And Have Me Over There Almost Every Night, But It Sure Got Her Mind Off Of You, Heh Heh, Like To Kill Me A Couple Times But I Can Say In All Honesty Her Mind Was Not On You. Hey Fred, Ever Blow In Ruthie's Ear? REPEAT CHORUS SPOKEN: Listen Ole Buddy, I Really Do Feel Bad About You Gettin' Busted Over The 10 Kilos Of My Grass I Hid In Your Basement, But Ruthie Swore You Wouldn't Mind Me Leavin' It There While I Was Out Of Town. 'Course When I Got Back My Grass Was Gone And So Were You. I'll Tell You Fred, Me And Ruthie Have Been A Lot Of Nights Trying To Figure Out Who Could Have Turned You In. 'Course, Look On The Bright Side, Fred. The Last Two Years In A Row You Got To See Johnny Cash In Person. See There's Always Some Bitter With The Sweet... Or Some Sweet With The Bitter. REPEAT CHORUS. (Contributed by Garr Norick - April 2008)


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