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DEAR MOM (Maurey Harris) Sammy Kaye & His Orch. (vocal: Allan Foster) - 1942 Orrin Tucker & His Orch. (vocal: Orrin Tucker) - 1942 Glenn Miller & His Orch. - 1942 Dear Mom The weather today was cloudy and damp Your package arrived, but was missing a stamp Your cake made a hit with all the boys in the camp How they love it And Mom The food is okay, don't worry your head I sleep pretty well, but I miss my old bed And, oh, how I wish they'd make this army co-ed Still, I love it If you should run into a certain you-know-who Please do this for me Give her a kiss for me Tell her to wite me, nightly Dear Mom That's all for tonight, the bugle just blew Tomorrow's a big day with plenty to do I like it here, but I'm kind o' homesick for you For I love you, Dear Mom (Transcribed from the Sammy Kaye/Allan Foster recording by Mel Priddle - March 2009)


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