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DEAR MR DJ (PLAY IT AGAIN) (Gerry Goffin / Carole King / Howard Greenfield) as recorded by Tina Robin 1961 (dear Mr DJ, play it again, dear Mr DJ, play it again) Dear Mr DJ, play it, play it again, I want my baby to remember when We danced to the jukebox while the lights were low, Till they played "Goodnight Sweetheart", well it's time to go! Dear Mr DJ, he's gone, gone away, I want him to hear the songs of yesterday. Oh, make him remember how he loved me then, Oh please Mr DJ, play it again! A thousand stars in the sky Were shining up above; I'll never forget The night that we met And we stood there, pledging our love! I've been so lonely, lonely and blue, Oh, Mr DJ, it's all up to you! Play all the goldies from the old top ten, Oh please Mr DJ, play it again! "We Go Together", (play it again) "Sincerely", (play it again) "You're A Thousand Miles Away", (play it again) "Earth Angel, Earth Angel", (play again) "Life Is But A Dream", (play it again) "He's Gone"... (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2018)


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