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DEAR MRS. APPLEBEE (Billy Meshell / Philip L. Barr) Flip Cartridge - 1966 David Garrick - 1966 The Defenders - 1966 Carin Wilson - 1966 Anne Gray - 1967 The Guilloteens - 1967 Marie Applebee - 1967 The Banjo Barons - 1967 Lara & The Trailers - 1967 Dear Mrs. Applebee I gotta get somethin' off my chest Mrs. Applebee You've got the wrong idea about me Mrs. Applebee You told Marie she couldn't go with me Because you heard that I was bad Mrs. Applebee, please hear my plea Don't you know that anyone can change Mrs. Applebee And for Marie I'd even swim the sea Mrs. Applebee I'm begging you to please be kind I want a chance to change your mind about me Mrs. Applebee (Instrumental Break) Dear Mrs. Applebee I know that I once made some bad mistakes Mrs. Applebee But that was long before I loved Marie Mrs. Applebee I'll make you glad as you can be And you'll be proud to see Marie with me Mrs. Applebee Mrs. Applebee Mrs. Applebee (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2015)


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