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DEEP SONG George Cory (m) Douglass Cross (l) 1947 as rec by Billie Holiday w Bob Haggart & his Orch Feb 13th 1947 Lonely grief is hounding me, Like the lonely shadow hounding me; It's always there just out of sight, Like a frightening dream on a lightning night. Lonely wind cries out my name, Sad as haunted music in the rain; It's borne of grief and borne of woe, But I hear it call and I've got to go. Where can I be headed for? The blues call at my door To lick my heart once more. Love lives in a lonely land Where there's no helping hand To understand. Why does it bring this ache to me? Why, it don't matter why! I only know misery Has to be Part of me! Never hope to count on love, To be a partner of That heaven up above. Never hope to understand, Love is a barren land, A lonely land, A lonely land. (Contributed by Peter Akers - March 2009)


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