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DELISHIOUS (George and Ira Gershwin (m & l ) ) 1930 As sung by Chester Gaylord with Ben Selvin & His Orchestra 1932 Also sung by: Raul Roulien Jennifer Laura Thompson Stephanie Pope Sally Sweetland Bobby Short Emilia Horn Paul Small (with Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orchestra) Note: Throughout this song, all words which end in 'ious' are sung as 'ee-us' including the title and all words that end in 'ion' are sung as 'ee-on'. (Orchestral lead in) I'm so delishious [sic] And so capricious I grow ambitious To have you care for me. In that connection You're my selection For true affection For all the time to be. Oh I've had one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, girls before But now there's one And you're the one The one girl I adore. 'Cause you're delishious [sic] And so capricious If I'm repetitious It's because you're so delishious. [sic] (Orchestral lead out) ****************** An additional lead in verse (below) appears in the Original Broadway Cast Recording and many of the singers above included it in their rendition: What can I say to sing my praise of you? I must reveal the things I feel. What can I say? Each lovely phase of you Just seems to baffle my descriptive powers Four and twenty hours of eve'ry day. What can I say? What is the thing I'd love to sing? They've said you're marvellous They've said you're wonderful And yet that's not it Now let me see, I think I've got it. Notes: This foxtrot melody derives from the soundtrack of the B & W 1931 Fox Film 'Delicious', which was a romantic comedy. Historically, this film was the first in which the brothers Gershwin were hired to compose the entire score. Director: David Butler Leads: Janet Gaynor / Charles Farrell / El Brendel / Raul Roulien Chester Gaylord was an American singer, piano player and radio announcer during the 1920s/30s. This version by Gaylord was contained on a 78 rpm record pressed in 1932. The 'B' side was WAS THAT THE HUMAN THING TO DO? . (Transcribed by David Story May 2014)


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