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DESTINY (Deviller / Mende / Rush) Jennifer Rush - 1985 Some say it's sure collision say it's bound to lose But there's no denying I'm able to choose I know what leaves me cold and what burns me up Now this time it's just right I'm very sure I call it wonder Something hard to define Sometimes it's thunder That strikes my senses hard CHORUS: He's my destiny and it's hard to see I want could love him more He's my destiny gotta hold on me I'm always back for more My heart has spent time drifting back and forth in love Just in what direction was never sure And than he moved up towards me and towed me in Nobody's moved me quite like this I call it wonder Something hard to define It's just like thunder That strikes my senses hard CHORUS Ooh he can turn me round slow me down Anytime he sees it fit to hold me back Ooh it's enough To make me go out of my mind REPEAT CHORUS TO FADE


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