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DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND From the Broadway Musical "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (1949) (Jule Styne / Leo Robin) Carol Channing (Broadway Production) - 1949 Ethel Merman - 1950 Jo Stafford - 1950 Dorothy Shay - 1950 Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell (Film Soundtrack) - 1953 Lena Horne - 1958 Ray Martin & His Orch. (Instr.) - 1958 Julie London - 1961 Della Reese - 1961 Ertha Kitt - 1962 T-Bone Burnett - 1982 Emmylou Harris - 1983 Susannah McCorkle - 1984 Missy Mist - 1991 Caroline O'Connor - 2000 Nicole Kidman (feat. in the film "Moulin Rouge") - 2001 Martine McCutcheon - 2003 Leah Kline - 2003 Laura Fygi - 2003 Lesley Garrett - 2004 Heather Doré - 2005 Connie Fisher - 2006 Kylie Minogue (feat. in the documentary film "White Diamond") - 2007 Kate Michaels - 2007 Jane Krakowski - 2009 Christina Aguilera (feat. in the film "Burlesque") - 2010 The Puppini Sisters - 2011 Also recorded by: Hit Crew; Greta Keller; Andre Kostelanetz; Karita Mattila; K.T. Sullivan; Rick Hollow; André Previn; Vivian Blaine; Rosetta Stone; Bryan Smith; Rita Williams Singers............and others. as recoded by Ethel Merman w Jay Blackton & his Orchestra January 1950 New York The French are glad to die for love, They delight in fighting duels, But I prefer a man who lives And gives expensive jewels. A kiss on the hand May be quite continental, But diamonds are a girl's best friend. A kiss may be grand, But it won't pay the rental On your humble flat, Or help you at the automat. Men grow cold As girls grow old, And we all lose our charm in the end. But square cut or pear shape, These rocks don't lose their shape, Diamonds are a girl's best friend. There may come a time When a lass needs a lawyer, But diamonds are a girl's best friend There may come a time When a hardboiled employer Thinks you're awful nice, But get that ice or else "no dice!". He's your guy when stocks are high But beware when they start to descend . It's then that those louses Go back to their spouses! Diamonds are a girl's best friend Romance is divine And I'm not one to knock it, Oh but diamonds are a girl's best friend. Romance is divine, Yeah, but where can you hock it? When the flame is gone, You just try and pawn a tired Don Juan! Time rolls on And youth is gone, And you can't straighten up when you bend. But stiff back or stiff knees, You stand straight at Tiff'ney's, Diamonds are a girl's best friend. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2012)


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