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DID I EVER REALLY LIVE? Music: Albert Hague - Lyrics: Allen Sherman Joe Williams with Bob Bunton and the Airmen of Note; Nancy Wilson with Ramsey Lewis; Pat Paulsen You're born, you weep, You smile, you sleep; You cling, you crawl, You stand, you fall. You stand again, and try, And then you walk. You eat, you drink, You feel, you think; You play, you grow, You learn, you know; And then, one day, You find a way to talk. You're young, you fly, You laugh, you cry. You're grown. You're on your own at last. You lose, you win; Your days begin to slip away Too fast ... too fast. Too soon you'll hear A distant drum. Too soon the time To go will come, And time won't wait. Is it too late to ask: Did I ever love? Did I ever give? Did I ever really live? (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - May 2013)


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