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DID YOU BOOGIE (WITH YOUR BABY) Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids ft. Wolfman Jack (Wolfman) Ahhh, do you remember the first time you started to date and the places you had to go just to be alone with your number one? Well, I hope this song brings back a whole lot of beautiful memories for you. (Flash) Chorus: Did you boogie with your baby in the back row of the movie show And did you boogie there cause you had nowhere else that you could go And when the lights went way down low Did you forget about the picture show Yes, did you boogie with your baby in the back row of the movie show Hey, little girl was it so long ago We'd take a walk just to be alone And hey little girl if it should rain or snow Remember where we would go Chorus (Wolfman) Sometimes I get to thinkin?there's not enough love and romance left in our lives today. And that's why I'd like to reminisce and to relive that first feeling of love and do it all over again. (Flash) Hey little girl why not come over here and set beside me and make believe and say, little girl, why not stay over here we'll have a party for two Chorus


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