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DING DONG Anonymous 17th Century Song Whilst we sing the doleful knell Of this princess' passing-bell, Let the woods and valleys ring Echoes to our sorrowing; And the tenor of their song Be ding dong, ding dong, dong, Ding dong, dong, Ding dong. Nature now shall boast no more Of the riches of her store, Since in this her chiefest prize, All the stock of beauty dies; Then, what cruel heart can long For-bear to sing this sad ding dong? This sad ding dong, Ding dong. Fauns and sylvans of the woods, Nymphs that haunt the crystal floods, Savage beasts more milder then The unrelenting hearts of men, Be partakers of our moan, And with us sing ding dong, ding dong, Ding dong, dong, Ding dong.


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