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DIP YOUR BRUSH IN THE SUNSHINE (AND KEEP ON PAINTING AWAY) (J.C Johnson / Andy Razaf) Ted Lewis & His Band (vocal: Ted Lewis - 1931 Snooks & His Memphis Ramblers (vocal: Wally Ashby) - 1931 As recorded by TED LEWIS, 13th April 1931, New York: You know, life is a canvas, folks On which we all can paint Paint any old picture like we may Why, there's the rich man, look at him The poor man, the devil, the saint And they're all painting pictures ev'ryday Why, you know, some paint in colours Of a wonderful view While others use colours of strife But I wanta tell you that ev'ry word Ev'ry thought, ev'ry little thing that we do Goes down on our canvas of life So, come on, folks and just dip your brush in the sunshine And keep on painting away, oh, do it now Make love a duty and you're sure to find beauty Wherever your eyes are gonna stray And life, it's gonna seem worthwhile livin' Oh see, folks, skies, they'll never be grey No sir, if you'll just dip your brush in the sunshine Do what I tell ya, keep on painting, painting away Ev'rybody, keep on painting away Paint it, Benny, paint it! (Clarinet solo - Benny Goodman ) Aw, do it, Benny! Paint it blue, Benny! Sky blue, Benny! Paint those window sills And let the little sunshine in Aw, do it! Take it, Muggsy, Muggsy! (Cornet solo - Muggsy Spanier) Paint it red, Muggsy, paint it red! Red hot, red hot, that's it! Say, good! Come on ev'rybody Just dip your brush up in the sunshine That's the place, folks And keep on painting awa Do what I tell ya now Just keep on painting away Yes sir! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2017)


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