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DOCTOR, DOCTOR (Lynsey De Paul) Lynsey De Paul Aah aah aah aah Aah aah aah aah Help me with some communication For I don't know where I ought to begin At a tender age - or maybe later? Are all your patients very different? Or are they in the state I'm in? Doctor, doctor Is it just a late reactionary block or an incurable disease? Won't you analyse me please? Aah aah aah aah Aah aah aah aah Animals must be very lucky Save a problematic tortoise or two For their life is based upon intuition Like instinctive calculation Am I making sense to you? Doctor, doctor, You'd better find the time to help me reverse the clock Or I won't pay your fees Won't you analyse me please Aah aah aah aah Aah aah aah aah Aah aah aah aah Aah aah aah aah Ooooh Suddenly I've found inspiration From all this information that you have reaped So may I go now? Pay what I owe You know with all this lying down I think I'm gonna fall asleep Doctor, doctor Just give me some perscription To relieve the shock of slight catastrophy And don't you analyse me please, Aah aah aah aah Doctor, doctor Aah aah aah aah Doctor, doctor (Contributed by Brian - March 2005)


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