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DOES AN ELEPHANT LOVE PEANUTS ? (Hanley) Eddie Cantor You ask me if I love you; Do I? Don't I? Same old question twenty times a day. I swear by stars above you....Do I? Don't I? You're not convinced? Here's all that I can say: Does an elephant love peanuts? Does he? Does a goldfish love a bowl? Does an ostrich love to stand while His head's down in a sandpile? Does a hotdog love a roll? Does a bumblebee love honey? Does he? Does an oyster love a stew? When it comes to table manners, Does a monkey love bananas? If he does, then, baby, I love you. Does a horsefly love the horses? Does he? Does a squirrel love a nut? Does a bold gorilla thrill a Shy romantic miss gorilla? Does a hobo love a mutt? Does a tomcat love a back fence? Does he? Does a cow just love to moo? Does a rooster's cock-a-doodle Make a hen go off her noodle? If he does, then baby, I love you. Do mosquitos love a fat man? Do they? Does a piggy love to squeal? Does a goose love to meander When she's found a proper gander? Has an eel got sex appeal? Does a big giraffe love necking? Does he? Does a dove just love to coo? Does a herring feel quite tickled Just as soon as he gets pickled? If he does, then baby, I love you!


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