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DOESN'T SOMEBODY WANT TO BE WANTED The Partridge Family I go downtown and roam all around But every street I walk I find another dead end I'm on my own but I'm so all alone I need somebody so I won't have to pretend I know there's someone just waiting somewhere I look around for her but she's just not there REFRAIN Oh doesn't somebody want to be wanted like me Where are you Doesn't somebody want to be wanted like me Just like me I'm running free but I don't want to be I couldn't take a day like yesterday I'm dead on my feet from walking the street I need somebody to help me find my way I gotta get outta this town (outta this town) Before I do I'll take a last look around REFRAIN Spoken: You know, I'm no different from anybody else...start and end each night. It gets real lonely when you're by yourself. Now where is love, and who is love. I gotta know. REFRAIN


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