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DOLORES' DREAM (Originally titled "Dolores") From "Close Your Eyes" (1995) (Wayne Shorter / Kurt Elling) Kurt Elling The white, electric skillet of a day threatened to sear us all away - fat frying, spluttering - rank Chicago smeltering along, smothered in heavy, wooly sweat, the city knew a sad regret for staying long in summer's heavy. No escape. Delirious. So I went subterraneous. Maybe I'd dream about Dolores' kinda' auburn hair & hazel eyes. Looking at her made chills go (indecipherable) even if she wasn't even there & so I tried. Put Wayne Shorter on to hide and slept, completely mystified. 'Honk!' went a taxi cab outside to remind me night time was dawning. Then Laurie & Guy call -say, 'let's go dancing & romance perchancing. Summer times are sweeter at night. The music is swinging all the night.' I put a bowl of coffee on. I took a hit. What with the day time on the lamb - jumped in my car, Uptown to scram. Popped in a great Von Freeman jam and the coffee hit. Bam! We hit a Jazz club called, 'The Mill'. Dig it! My second domicile. We had a great time hanging, until I saw Dolores sweep into the room. And then my head began to swoon. I got a yen. She came right up to me & when she spoke my sweat broke. No joke. Then came on the thrills, and came on the chills! She got me to dance - I took a chance replying, although she was kinda' shy, I stole a sweet kiss on the sly (to simplify). And when Dolores sighed a sigh, you know, it got me kinda' high - she hit me right between the eyes! If there's one girl I've gotta' remember, it's her.


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