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DONALD McGILLAVRY (Traditional Celtic) (circa 1715/1745) Silly Wizard Donald's gane up the hill hard and hungry, Donald comes down the hill wild and angry; Donald will clear the gouk's nest cleverly, Here's to the king and Donald Macgillavry. Come like a weighbauk, Donald Macgillavry, Come like a weighbauk, Donald Macgillavry, Balance them fair, and balance them cleverly: Off wi'the counterfeit, Donald Macgillavry. Donald's run o'er the hill but his tether, man, As he were wud, or stang'd wi' an ether, man; When he comes back, there's some will look merrily: Here's to King James and Donald Macgillavry. Come like a weaver, Donald Macgillavry, Come like a weaver, Donald Macgillavry, Pack on your back, and elwand sae cleverly; Gie them full measure, my Donald Macgillavry. Donald has foughten wi' rief and roguery; Donald has dinner'd wi banes and beggary, Better it were for Whigs and Whiggery Meeting the devil than Donald Macgillavry. Come like a tailor, Donald Macgillavry, Come like a tailor, Donald Macgillavry, Push about, in and out, thimble them cleverly, Here's to King James and Donald Macgillavry. Donald's the callan that brooks nae tangleness; Whigging and prigging and a'newfangleness, They maun be gane: he winna be baukit, man: He maun hae justice, or faith he'll tak it, man. Come like a cobler, Donald Macgillavry, Come like a cobler, Donald Macgillavry; Beat them, and bore them, and lingel them cleverly, Up wi' King James and Donald Macgillavry. Donald was mumpit wi mirds and mockery; Donald was blinded wi' blads o' property; Arles ran high, but makings were naething, man, Lord, how Donald is flyting and fretting, man. Come like the devil, Donald Macgillavry, Come like the devil, Donald Macgillavry; Skelp them and scaud them that proved sae unbritherly, Up wi King James and Donald Macgillavry! ***** DONALD McGILLAVRY Double Indemnity Donald came into towne lean and wiry. Music flew from his pipes wild and firey. With pack on his back and eyes wide with ecstasy, some called him the devil, that Donald McGillavry. Play like the wild man, Donald McGillavry. Are you the wild Pan, Donald McGillavry? Innocence and wisdom do dance thru his melody; the soul of the wild seed has Donald McGillavry. Galway lay shrouded in mist and twisted trees. Its people were strangled by their toils and drudgery. Any passion was rare; the priest kept them on their knees, but then came that stranger, that Donald McGillavry. Laugh like a jackal, Donald McGillavry. Fear be their shackle, Donald McGillavry. Sing to them to wake them and rouse them to revelry. You call down the thunder, you Donald McGillavry. Their flesh was awakened to its ancient melody. But they bound it with ropes of self-righteous civility. They cursed him that day, "You've roused the beast, there's blood to pay!" The mob swelled with hatred for Donald McGillavry. You're black as the raven, Donald McGillavry. Hell be your heaven, Donald McGillavry. They tried him, and judged him; there came down a death decree. "You'll burn with the Devil, you Donald McGillavry!" Sunrise brought amber skies; day was a certainty. But Donald stood bound and gagged facing eternity. The crowds fought for place. The torch smoked heavily. "Why wait, do it now to this Donald McGillavry?" "Pray for your soul now, Donald McGillavry. Your life is over, Donald McGillavry." They kicked him and poked him, they ridiculed his destiny, 'til fate pushed the children toward Donald McGillavry. The children laid their bodies down, innocence at his feet. Halos did crown their heads light for the blind to see. From the mothers came cries, "Our children see with God's own eyes, this man is a messenger sent to undo our lies!" They unbound the limbs of Donald McGillavry. He took up his pipes again, that Donald McGillavry. He played 'til the dawn; they danced 'til they fell to sleep. Then off to the next towne went Donald McGillavry.


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