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DO NO GOOD WOMAN (Waylon Jennings) Waylon Jennings - 1971 You're lookin' at a man who's livin' in the wrong time My mind's lost in my lonesome past I wrote myself a sad song about troubles and a worried mind And a do no good woman, my first love and my last Well I wanted the world to know her like I do So I tried to paint her picture in a song I sang the blues, but the only words that I knew Were do no good woman, I love you right or wrong, girl Lord, Lord, what's a good man gonna do (Instrumental Break) >From the streets of New Orleans to a penthouse in Chicago I tried to play the lover for a time But I just can't hold a woman in the night with the lights low With a do no good woman always on my mind Look at me and you can see I've seen my better days Hopin' for better times to come Well, I never thought that love could drive a good man to his grave That do no good woman, Lord, you damn near got it done, girl (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2010)


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