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DON'T BE ASHAMED OF YOUR AGE (Cindy Walker / Bob Wills) Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - 1948 Red Foley & Ernest Tubb - 1949 Johnny Gimble & The Texas Swing Pioneers - 1979 John England & The Western Swingers - 2004 Willie Nelson - 2006 Jerry Lee Lewis & George Jones - 2006 John Prine & Mac Wiseman - 2007 Mac Walter & John Cronin - 2007 Now, don't be ashamed of your age Don't let the years get you down That old gang you knew, they still think of you As a rounder in your old hometown Now, don't mind the grey in your hair Think of all the fun you had puttin' it there As for that old book of time, boy, you never skipped a page So don't be ashamed of your age Don't be ashamed of your age (Instrumental Break) Now listen Mister Smith, Mister Brown Don't let your age get you down Why, life ain't begun until your forty, son That’s when you really start to go to town Don't wish that you were a lad Why boy, you've lost more gals than they've ever had And listen, you've graduated from that old sucker stage So don't be ashamed of your age Don't be ashamed of your age (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2011)


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