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DON'T BE LIKE THAT Archie Gottler / Maceo Pinkard / Charles Tobias as rec by Helen Kane w Leonard Joy & his Band Dec 20th 1925 New York also rec by Annette Hanshaw '28 Oh, at last I've got you near, So I can tell you, dear, That your funny disposition almost drives me wild! I know that you could be So nice and sweet to me, But you treat me just as though I'm a child! I ask you for a kiss; You give me just one kiss When I wan' another kiss, Oh, don't be like that! And when I wanna pet And I think we're all set, You play so hard to get Don't be like that! I wish I knew If you really love me; The things you do Make me think that you don't think much of me! You know, we'd make a lovely pair If you could only care, But you're a frigidaire, Oh, don't be like that! I call you on the phone And I get you on the phone; But you say you're not at home! Oh, don't be like that! You know, when you call on Sunday night, And everything is just so nice, But you let the light burn bright, Don't be like that! You think that I Spend my evenings gaily, When all you try Is a tune on your ukelele! You know, another thing I've found; When Christmas time comes 'round, You're always out o' town, Oh, don't be like that! Oh, don't be like that! Oh honey dear, You are so appealing! And when you love, Oh, you love with such feeling! I love that Boop-boop-a-doop! You love that Boop-boop-a-doop! We love that Boop-a-doop-oo! A-don't be like that! (Contributed by Peter Akers - August 2008)


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