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DON'T DREAM OF ANYBODY BUT ME Neal Hefti (m) 1958 Howard (l) 1970 as rec by Ella Fitzgerald w Orch cond by Gerald Wilson Though you vacation in Hawaii Or go to Switzerland to ski, When you're scanning the snow-covered mountains Or fanning yourself by the sea, Don't dream of anybody but me, Nobody but me! Though you may fly to Scottish Highland, Or try some isle near Napoli, When you're whistlin' "The Campbells are Coming" Or humming "The Isle Of Capri", Don't dream of anybody but me! In a cafe on the Rhine, Any place along the line, I'll forgive you if a stranger Puts your little heart in danger, If her face resembles mine! When you visit a nightclub in 'Frisco, And the singer keeps singin' off-key, Won't even mind if suddenly she Reminds you of me! No matter where you care to travel, Any place, no matter who you choose to see, Whenever your head hits the pillow, Whatever the hour may be, Don't dream of anybody but me! O-oh no, don't dream of anybody but me! Oh no, don't dream of anybody but me! But me, Nobody but me! NOTE - same tune as "LI'L DARLIN'" (Contributed by Peter Akers - September 2009)


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