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DON'T FORGET OLD DIXIE LAND (E.S. Huntington / Leslie Taylor, 1912) Going away, boy, going today, boy, You must go up North you say; You know 'twill grieve us, boy, when you leave us, Things are too dull, you can't stay; Look in my eyes, boy, You think it wise, boy, To leave your Southern home; We say to you, boy, be brave and true, boy, No matter where you may roam. Mother, a letter, saying he's better, He's coming back home today; He could not stay there, so far away there, He's coming back now to stay; There is the train now, He's here again now, See him he waves his hand; We've got him back, dear, He's still our Jack, dear, Welcome to old Dixie land. Don't forget old Dixie land, let you heart be true; Southern son of Southern birth, she'll always welcome you; Though near or far, where'er you are, for Dixie take your stand, Forget all else, my boy, but don't forget old Dixie land!


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