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DON'T LET HIM GO REO Speedwagon So you figure that you've Got him all figured out, He's a sweet talking stud Who can melt a girl's heart with his pout. He's the kind of lover that the ladies dream about. Oh, yes he is. He's got plenty of cash, He's got plenty of friends, He drives women wild, And he drives off in a Mercedes Benz, He's got a long wick with a flame at both ends. He's hot. CHORUS: But don't let him go. Just give him a chance to grow. Take it easy take it slow, But don't let him go. Don't let him go. He makes you so angry, He makes you so sore. The wait may be worth it, But how can you wait anymore? When you're wondering what you're waiting for? Baby, I don't know. CHORUS


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