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DON'T LET YOUR SWEET LOVE DIE (Zake Clements / Clarke VanNess) Bob Atcher - 1948 Roy Acuff - 1953 Mac Wiseman - 1957 The Louvin Brothers - 1958 Don Reno & Red Smiley - 1959 Don Devil & The Drifters - 1964 Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper - 1966 Del McCoury - 1971 Jimmy Martin - 1977 Ralph Stanley & Jimmy Martin - 1980 Ricky Skaggs - 1982 Chris Hillman - 1982 The Dreadful Snakes - 1983 Mac Traynham - 2007 Foggy Gulch - 2008 Also recorded by: Osborne Brothers; Williamson Brothers; Robert Byrd; Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers; Jim Eanes; The Lost And Found; Blue Sky Boys; Charlie Moore; ......... and others. Don't let your sweet love die like flowers in the Fall Don't take away the smiles and leave the tears My heart believes in you, please say you love me true Don't leave me now to face the lonely years I drifted all alone, no one to call my own And then you came like an angel from the sky You said we'd never part, don't leave and break my heart Be mine alone, don't let your sweet love die (Instrumental Break) When the flowers fade away, they'll bloom again some day Will you love me when the rosebuds open wide Or is your kiss to be only a memory I need you so, don't let your sweet love die Don't let your sweet love die like flowers in the Fall Without you life would seem like death to me I've grown so used to you, I can't believe we're through Don't say goodbye, don't let your sweet love die (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2013)


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