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DON'T LOOK AT ME THAT WAY From the Broadway Show "Paris" (1928) (Cole Porter) Irene Bordoni - 1928 Sarah Vaughan - 1956 Jeri Southern - 1984 Julie Wilson - 1989 Kiri Te Kanawa - 1993 Oh, Im so mad about a lad It's too deep to express And when he tries to use his eyes They have instant success So full of passion, these pupils are That girls forget what their scruples are So when he turns them on me I murmur tenderly..... I think you're great, I think you're grand And I don't mind if you hold my hand But don't look at me that way Your kisses, too, are heavenly And oh, so full of variety But don't look at me that way When you tell me sweetly you're mine completely I always give a long cheer But those sudden flashes behind your lashes Are nobody's business, dear Since you began to play your role I've lost my heart and I've lost my soul But as for losing my self-control Don't look at me that way I just adore your loving arms In fact, they're two of your greatest charms But don't look at me that way I'm very mild, I'm very meek My will is strong, but my won't is weak So don't look at me that way When that strange expression of indiscretion Begins to show in your stare There's a hocus-pocus about your focus That gives me a terrible scare I feel a thrill when you arrive And while you're near I simply thrive But if you want to get home alive Don't look at me that way


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