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DON'T TELL ME (Buddy Pepper (m & l) 1947) Eileen Wilson (dubbing for Ava Gardner) From the 1947 movie 'The Hucksters' (based on Frederic Wakeman Sr.'s national best-selling novel) Director: Jack Conway Leads: Clark Gable / Deborah Kerr (her American debut) / Ava Gardner / Sydney Greenstreet Notes: Eileen Wilson was called in to replace Ava Gardner's version of this song on the film' soundtrack, even though already completed. It was her first dubbing job and she had many more after this (for Susan Hayward, Sherry North, Barbara Bel Geddes, Jayne Mansfield, Rosalind Russell, Marilyn Monroe and others). She is perhaps most famous for her work in 'One Touch of Venus' (replacing Ava's voice)..the song was the well known 'Speak Low'. (see elsewhere in this ILP database for the lyrics.) She eventually went on to become one of the original stars of the early 50s US TV show 'Your Hit Parade'. Why do we talk with our eyes as we sit across the table And why do we walk arm in arm whenever we are able Feet on the ground, 'round, spinning 'round Please tell me why my happy heart keeps repeating that it's so. No, don't tell me, don't say you're mine Don't tell me, it's just a lie Why whisper words I have never known Or speak your heart whenever we're alone. No, don't tell me, it isn't fair For I'm foolish, I'll start to care Why are angels singing high above Oh, don't tell me I'm in love. (Transcribed by David Story - September 2013)


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