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DON'T TRY YOUR JIVE ON ME (Leonard Feather / Edgar Sampson) Fats Waller Also recorded by : Una Mae Carlisle You tell me you love me only, Say you're feeling so lonely, But I know you're lyin', That's why I'm cryin', Now, don't you try your jive on me. Oh, you asked me a whole gang of questions, You make all kinds of suggestions; If only you meant it, I wouldn't resent it; But don't try your jive on me. All night long you hang around, Can't you see you bring me down? Yes, yes! I know that you think you're a sender, You'll never make me surrender, In fact you don't rate, I'm telling you, gate; Now don't try your jive on me! Bring it on out! Bring 'em some jive! Yes! Yes! You don't rate, I'm tellin' you, gate, Don't try your jive on me, No, no, no, no, Don't try your jive on me!


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