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DON'T WAIT UP FOR ME David / Morgan as rec by Chris Connor Don't wait up for me, Don't have a light in the hall, And don't leave the door ajar, >From now on I'll be far from it all! Don't wait up for me, Don't be a fool like before; Pretending your not awake, All such childish fake Is no more! Don't start suspecting me, Don't start trying for tears. Don't be expecting me, >From now on, all your foolish fears Fall on deafened ears! You may love again, And if you do you will see She's trying to be fair; Never doubt how much she'll care, Let her know that you're glad she's there, And she'll always be! And may I say, Don't wait up for me, Don't wait up for me! (Contributed by Peter Akers - December 2009)


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