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DON'T WORRY MARY ANN (Ward Chandler / Edward McKendry) Bobby Vee - 1963 Don't worry, Mary Ann Just pretend you don't hear what they say Though they laugh at our plans Not a thing can stand in our way Love may be all we have in this world But love is all we need Let your heart believe, Mary Ann Love is all we need Don't worry, Mary Ann Though they laugh at our love and make fun They just don't understand They forgot what it is to be young Young when the world is so full of dreams And love is everywhere Long as we can dream, Mary Ann Love is ours to share (Instrumental Break) So don't be afraid of what people say This love of ours is strong And there will come a day, Mary Ann When they'll know they're wrong They will know they're wrong, Mary Ann (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2018)


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