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DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT DEAR Artis Shaw / Warnick (or Lehman?) Mel Torme & The Mel-Tones w Artie Shaw & his Orch (scat) If someone tells you that I Got eyes for every chick that goes by, Well baby, it's a great big lie, Don't you believe it dear! And if they whisper to you ThatI'm a guy that couldn't be true, 'Cause I've been seen with quite a few, Don't you believe it dear! There's never been anyone like you! There's never been anyone who Can bring me all the way down; And then you turn around, And knock me out the way you do! So baby, won't you let me say I'm yours, and really love it that wat? And if you think you'll get away, Don't you believe it baby, Don't you believe it dear! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - June 2011)


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