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DON'T YOU WORRY, DEARIE (Al. W. Morse / Percy Wenrich, 1912) A winsome little maid in an everglade With her soldier boy in blue Maiden softly sighs lovelight in her eyes, For she loves him fond and true Boy has come to tell girl he loves so well, Duty calls him far away Maiden is in tears for his life she fears Then she hears him softly say The war is over now boy has kept his vow Nothing can their love destroy They are not alone in their little home, There's a bouncing baby boy Happy is their lot, trouble they forgot As they stand behind his bed Oft when stars shine bright they recall the night When to her he softly said Don't you worry Dearie Dearie don't you sigh See the moon is smiling In the deep blue sky Soon I'll be returning Then I'll claim my own Wedding bells will gaily ring, And the birds will sweetly sing, Little girlie when I come back home.


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