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DOO DAH BLUES (Fred Rose / Eddie White, 1922) What will become of me what will become of me something it's plain to see is wrong with me yes wrong with me I'm always sighing I'm always crying Sad am I here's the reason why Just only yesterday my sweetie went away I thought t'was all in play but when I heard her say "Doo Dah, good-bye to you Doo Dah, that means that I'm thru." Oh! Lordy You've heard my tale of woe and now I know you know just why I'm worried so Yes worried so and flurried so I loved her only that's why I'm lonely and I miss most of all her kiss maybe if she could see Just what she did to me sorry perhaps she'd be and set my poor heart free but I suppose she's thru there's nothing else I can do. Oh! those Doo Dah Blues I want to lose those Doo Dah Blues for all night long till early dawn they seem to come and never leave me Lordy but they grieve me Do they, they do I'll say they do Oh! I know those Doo Dah Blues will sure refuse poor me to lose I've got 'em now and oh! some how I know that if you'd had 'em you'd a long to lose the Doo Dah Blues.


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