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DORAVILLE (Barry Bailey / Buddy Buie / Robert Nix) Atlanta Rhythm Section (CHORUS) Doraville, touch of country in the city Doraville, it ain't much, but it's home Friends of mine say I oughta move to New York New York's fine, but it ain't Doraville Every night, I make a living making music And that's all right to folks in Doraville Yeah, hey hey Ooh, hot time in Dixie, hey It's funky but i'ts pretty Sweet Georgia Yeah, hey hey Ooh, hot time in Dixie, hey Come on down and visit, you'll dig it Red clay hills, rednecks drinking wine on Sunday Behind their field getting down in Doraville (CHORUS) It's all right It's all right Doraville Doraville, it's all right, it's all right, it's all right Doraville Doraville


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