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DO THE BLACK BOTTOM WITH ME (George W. Meyer) As recorded by: Piccadilly Revels Band, Dir. Ray Starita V. Ray Starita Recorded 7th April 1927 Also recorded by: Dajos Bela & Orchester Bernard Ette’s Orchestra Jack Hylton Orchestra Fred Bird Salon Symphony Jazz Band You’ll spot him, he’s doing the black bottom This little dance sure got him I want to say he’s just happy Keeps you happy Nice people jump over the church steeple They want to be first to see this dance creation Why it’s brand new and no imitation Just sway it, it’s wonderful, I’ll say it Oh leader man please play it It’s easy to do, that is true This dance sure has got us I’m glad that he taught us Black bottom, get hot and Do the black bottom with me. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley -December 2013)


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