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DOUBLE S (Bill Anderson / Buddy Killen) Bill Anderson - 1978 She was sitting on a stool in a little bar Called the Seldom Seen When I walked over and said, "Hi", introduced myself "And what's your name?", I asked, she just smiled She was wearin' a tiny gold chain With the initials SS on the front And I said, "Wait a minute you are Susie Smith?" She shook her head "Okay, you're Sally Simpson, Sarah?" And before I could finish she put her hand on mine And said, "Look it's not important" And I said, "Okay, I'll just call you Double S" And she nodded And I said, "What are you drinkin' Double S?" She said, "Scotch'n'Soda" And I said, "Okay Double S, one Scotch 'n' Soda comin' up" You live around here?", I asked "No she said just killin' time till the morning" "I got an early plane back to California" "I live near San Simeon" "Oh, and you'll be flyin' on a 7-0-7 no doubt?", I said "How did you know?" she asked "Oh, I guess I'm just super-smart" "You gonna spend the rest of the night in this bar Double S?" "No," she said, "I have a motel room I'm at the Surfing Sand" "Can I give you a lift?" "Thanks, I rented a car, but I don't drive it too well", she answered "It's a stick-shift" "Double S you are something-special", I said And paid the man and we walked out In the cool evening breeze She slid across the seat and snuggled up close to my side And I began to run my fingers through her hair It was soft'n'silky. I opened the door to her room My lips found her lips and I held her close And whispered, "You are a super-sexy lady" She simply smiled. I could feel her body slowly soften as her sensuous soul Swiftly swept me into sublime serenity Her plane left just as the morning sun Began to softly streak the starry sky She kissed me a soft so long, waved a sultry So long from the window And I never saw Double S again Right now she's soaring somewhere above the clouds And I'm walking home on one And I just realized I never did find out What Double S stood for All I know is our time together was short and sweet


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