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DOWN ARGENTINA WAY (Mack Gordon / Harry Warren) Recorded by: Ambrose & his Orch., Bob Crosby & his Orch., Eddie Duchin & his Orch.; Gene Krupa & his Orch.; Les Paul; Oscar Rabin; Leo Reisman & his Orch.; Dinah Shore. You'll find your life will begin The very moment you're in Argentina If you're romantic senor Then you will surely adore Argentina You'll be as gay as can be If you will learn to "si si" like a Latin For mister soon as you learn Then you will never return to Manhattan. When you hear "yo te amo" You'll steal a kiss and then If she should say "manana" It's just to let you know You're gonna meet again I'll bet an old castanet That you will never forget Argentina Where there are rhumbas and tangos To tickle your spine Moonlight and music and orchids and wine You'll want to stay down Argentina way.


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