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DOWN AT THE BABY STORE (Alfred Bryan / Harry Von Tilzer, 1904) "Mamma" sighs a lad, "I'm lonely, since our baby's gone away," As he looks toward a mansion, where some children are at play; "Can't I have a little sister, tell me ain't there any more?" Mamma hides her tears and answers, "Yes dear, at the baby store;" 'Cause we're poor I have no playmates;" says the lad with tear dimmed eyes, "Some one there will surely love me," Then he drops his toys and sighs: By an orphan home he pauses, sees the children round the door, In a childish voice he whispers, "This must be the baby store;" Spies a lonesome little lassie, golden hair and eyes of blue, Takes her by the hand to mamma, says "I've brought her home to you; For like me she's poor and lonely, and her mamma dear is dead," Then he puts his arms around her, As with childish pride he said: Down at the baby store, Down at the baby store, I'll find a girlie that looks like you, Nice golden hair and sweet eyes of blue, I'll bring her home to stay, With me she'll always play; There's one I am sure, Who'll love me though I'm poor, Down at the baby store."


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