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DOWN BOY (Mel Priddle) Bette Carl - 2002 My body's a temple, my mind is a shrine What God gave me is mine all mine I'll share it with you when the time is right But it AIN'T gonna be tonight Chorus: Down boy! Put that thing away Down boy! I don't want'a play Down boy! The time just ain't right And It's not gonna be tonight (Instrumental Break) You're trying too hard, back off for a while You might have to wait till we walk down the aisle If you're not too pushy I may soon see the light But it AIN'T gonna be tonight Chorus (Instrumental Break) You're kisses are heaven, you're touch is so sure I know what you're planning down here on the floor Think I'm just about ready to give the green light But it AIN'T gonna be tonight No it ain't gonna be tonight Chorus x 2 FADE


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