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DOWN, DOWN, DOWN George Korson With your kind attention, a song I will trill, all ye who must toil with the pick and the drill and sweat for your bread in that hole in Oak Hill, that goes down, down, down. When I was a boy my Daddy said to me, "Stay out of the mines, take my warning", said he, "Or with dust you'll bechoked and a pauper you'll be, broken down, down, down. But I went to Oak Hill and I asked for a job, a mule for to drive, or a gangway to rob. The boss said, "Come out, Bill, and follow the mob, that goes down, down, down. Said Pete McAvoy, "Here's Bill Keatin' the scamp." Just back, Pete suggested, from a million mile tramp. Then he showed me a windle where I#d get a lamp to go down, down, down. The lamp man he squints through the windle at me, "What's your name and your age and your number?" said he. "Bill Keatin', I'm thirty, number twenty-three, mark that down, down, down. With a frown for disfavor, my joke it was met. For an argument plainly, Jim Griffiths was set. For he told me that divil a lamp would I get to go down, down, down. With an old greasy apron he polished his speck, he declared of the rules he'd be makin' a wreck, if he'd give me a lamp without a brass check to go down, down, down. A contraption he gave me, a hose on a box, 'twas so heavy I thought it was loaded with rocks. If a car jumped the road, you could use it for blocks while you're down, down, down. I asked him what tools would I need in the place. "Very few," said the boss with a grin on his face. "One number-six shovel and darn little space while you're down, down, down. When you're drivin' the gangway you needs lots of tools, and you bring them yourself, it's the anthracite rules, but a laggin' suffices to drive balky mules, when you're down, down, down. At drivin' a mule I'm not overly slick but the plugs in Oak Hill I showed many's a trick, when I hollered, "Yah," if they started to kick, they went down, down, down. Then up to the head of the shaft I made haste, I saluted the top man and stood on my place. I says, "Give me a cage for I've no time to waste, let me down, down, down. "All aboard for the bottom!" the top man did yell, we stepped on the cage, and we gave her the bell. Then from under our feet, like a bat out o'hell, she went down, down, down.


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