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DOWN HONOLULU WAY (J.E. Dempsey / Earl Burtnett, Jos. A. Burke, 1916) I can see two eyes where in the lovelight gleams, In my dreams, in my dreams. I can hear a voice, as sweet as singing streams, Calling me, it seems. O'er the old lagoon I see the glow worm playing, Shoreward I can see the shelt'ring palm trees swaying, While from afar I can hear a guitar, Someone keeps softly saying: Dreamy eyes are watching on a south sea isle, All the while, all the while. Pretty lips are waiting with a wistful smile, My heart to be guile. Softer than the water in the fountain falling, Sweeter than an angel's evening song enthralling, Whisp'ring to me of a blue, singing sea, Nightly a voice is calling: Come where the moon is always shining, Down Honolulu way; Come where the Palm trees sway, Nighttime is just like day. And, while the sweet guitars are ringing, We'll dream the night away, Where the moonbeams play on the distant bay, Down Honolulu way.


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